Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hubris: thy name is Gingrich.

Boy, it is good to be back blogging again. I'd ask if I was missed, but as Satan has pointed out, my 'hits numbers' would indicate that, no, sadly, I was not missed. Anyway....
As reported by the AP, from an interview with FOX News (who else would give him the airtime?) Newt (a fitting appellation) predicted a Clinton-Obama ticket and then discussed the Republican candidates, pointing out that if none of them seemed a credible candidate against Clinton, he, NEWT, might then choose to run. This sort of implies he feels he WOULD be a credible candidate to run against Hillary. I question, however, whether he is credible to run against a cantaloupe, much less an intelligent, accomplished and experienced candidate like Ms. Clinton. Newt apparently has forgotten his own legacy, which if I were Newt, I certainly would endeavor to do. He managed to misrepresent the Clinton Presidency and mislead the people about his failed Contract with America, that he was able to stall the government and derail Healthcare Reform. Since then, he has toured the country, preaching to the wealthy that the real key to Healthcare Reform is to put the onus and expense on the back of the common people, so that they would really appreciate health insurance and try to keep costs in line. In reality, people are more likely to put off costly healthcare decisions then they are home or car repairs, and this would lead to more lost productivity from illness as well as an entire new class of 'bankrupt from poor health and costly healthcare' Americans (which is something the Republican led Congress helped to begin with their bankruptcy laws overhaul of the last couple of years). Newt would not make a good President, or lizard like amphibian, for that matter. He is well suited for his current role however, touring the country and telling rich conservatives how great they are, and that they are right to want lower taxes and to remove the burden of health insurance financing from their businesses to the backs of their employees. Conservatives love that feel good stuff. They have used it to their political advantage, sadly, and obviously, at great cost to the overall health and stability of this country. But things have been shifting lately, and soon, possibly very soon, the only ones listening to Newt will be Newt, and maybe George W., Cheney and a handful of others.