Thursday, January 21, 2010

Consistent Democrats---Consistently Dumber than Dirt, and Sad for America....

In a stunningly clear and persuasive set of moves, Democrat constituents and elected Democrat officials have proven that they can challenge anyone for the title "America's Biggest Loser"---not weight loss--just loss of direction, nerve, and foresight. With an incredibly incomprehensible vote, Massachusetts chose to honor the legacy of their, supposedly, beloved Senator, the late Teddy Kennedy, by replacing him with a Republican sure to halt one of Kennedy's most important goals---health care for all--as well as a number of other agenda items he shared with President Obama, whom he supported during the primaries and election.
Then, in an equally perplexing move, sensing the electorate might be fearful of change and spending, Obama, despite holding the moral high ground of finally, in the true spirit of this great nation, supplying affordable health care to all citizens, instead rolled over and played dead---calling for a reworking of health care reform to tone it down. Did you ever see George W. Bush, or any Republican, capitulate? Even in the midst of unpopular decisions, lies, moral deceit, plunging polls, demonstrations in the streets, etc., etc., etc.? No? While the Republicans are consistently prejudiced, hypocritical and self-serving---they, like the Democrats, are all too consistent. Their consistency often gets their way---to the detriment of the American People. Sadly, it appears that the Democrats consistency---towards caving in and failure---will doom America to the same fate.