Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What do last night's election results mean nationally???

Nothing, at least for the most part. New Jersey didn't go Republican as a rebuke to Obama. it was a rebuke to a Governor, Corzine, who could not stem the tide of a bad national economy in his home state of New Jersey. The public did not have a sense things were getting better in New Jersey even as they read that the national economy was starting to improve.
If anything had broader implications, it was the New York upstate special election for the New York House race, in which the Democrat won--- a feat not accomplished in 100 years in that norther New York Republican bastion. The fact that Sarah Palin came to push the Republican only sweetened this rebuke of the Conservative Right.
Last night only showed one thing, with the close election for New York Mayor, and the win for a Democrat upstate----no one, not incumbents, or parties in power, can take votes for granted unless they help make things better for America; the country as a whole---or their little piece of it.