Friday, February 22, 2008

Iraq Is Up For Grabs! Come One! Come All!

No, this is not the post I promised. That will come this weekend. Just a short note to point out that if elected, a President Obama has promised to end the war in Iraq in 2009. As anyone can tell, I am for ending the war. Nevertheless, promising such an immediate timetable tells Iran and Al-Qaeda, that, whatever the situation, "We are out of there! Come on in! Do what you want", because we have already made it clear we won't be there to stop you, though it was our invasion that created the opportunity for you to finally get the prize you have both been denied for years and years. Obama seems to be thinking like a child, in absolutes and for immediate gratification, and at this point the Democratic electorate seems to be like-minded. The broader electorate and even the Democrats will probably rethink this in the general election. Unless we want more Republican mess, and at least 4 more years in Iraq under a President McCain (you can spell a McCain Presidency as W. BUSH II), Hillary and the remaining Democratic Primaries better get back on track!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's Going on with the Primaries?

With nothing substantive, and ideas that already appear to be unworkable, or at least not going to accomplish their goals (most notably HealthCare) , and a record that will probably not stand up very well to McCain, why is Obama leading in the primaries? Because Hillary is going down with the low opinion of the Congress. They have done nothing since getting elected. They did not get us on our way out of Iraq and they did not impeach Bush. Nevertheless, while Congress should change these things, Hillary needs to start talking about how the economy can be changed by president Clinton immediately, about how great America is, and will be, and she needs to stop ceding states to Obama when recent exit polls said the last minute decision-makers were going to her! I am not a one issue voter, but HealthCare is important and she is the only one really talking about CHANGE. Obama likes the word, but doesn't actually back it up with stated substantive policy changes! Hillary didn't think to use the word first, but her policies would be quite a change from the last 8 years! By the way, all of those educated people voting for Obama, why? Hw has stated no actual policies. This is an educated opinion? Besides, stop letting Obama and the Republicans rewrite history. The last Clinton Presidency was actually a GOOD time for America!
Next Up: HealthCare Reform Plans and Satan weighs in on the Primaries!!!!!!