Saturday, July 08, 2006

Coming soon.

--A discussion why every community should worry about tolerance and parity for the mentally ill.

---The Whore of Babylon Awards. Politicians who have sold their morals, ethics, or possibly even their souls, for a shot at a bigger stage.

---Look into why healthcare reform is going nowhere.

---A few thoughts about Medicare Part D.

---Even a foray into the near future of NASA.

All this and some ideas for the Governor of New Jersey, coming throughout the next couple of weeks.


Tina said...

I just left a comment for more and then this pops up! I live in NJ so I hope you have something good for us because we need something.

Bruce said...

Would love to hear you thoughts on Mental Health parity. There does not seem to be the political will to make such a thing happen on either side of the aisle. This is a potentially bipartisan issue that could ressurect the notion of cooperative legistlation. Go for it Larry.