Friday, October 06, 2006

To all the "outraged over Rep. Foley" Americans...

While I commend your righteous indignation, and I enjoy the implosion of the GOP as it scrambles to figure out who to support and who knew what, when, I can only ask the question: "What is wrong with you?" This is what got your ire up? We have barely fought the war on terror---a little work in Afghanistan, some intelligence work here, otherwise we have just played war games---with our childrens lives, I might add. But that didn't upset you. An ill conceived and pointless war in Iraq got no reaction. Our soldiers dying--not much more of a reaction. Tax cuts for the wealthiest and back to huge budget deficits for the country barely got a blink. Record gasoline prices and record oil company profits---you stopped buying SUV's but didn't complain much to the government. We don't protect our ports any better than we did at the time of 9/11. We phone tap our own citizens, watch them on the internet, hold prisoners around ther world without due process and torture many innocent, and some guilty, people throwing away the rule of law and the Geneva conventions---that help protect our own soldiers, among many other positive things it accomplished, but that barely gets your notice. We haven't worked on healthcare or tax reform in the last six years (unless you count that deficit inflating tax cut). We haven't moved the country ahead, haven't fought the war on terrorism very well, and none of this really mattered to you. But, Foley---oh yuck,---- well there you go! Understand, I try to not be inherently partisan and I only enjoy the GOP implosion because I feel they have been holding this country back from many important advancements and improvements like meaningful healthcare reform since they took the Houses in 1994. And they have been destroying what makes this country great since 2000. There have been Republicans that enhanced our standing in the world, seemed to care about all Americans, and had some bold ideas, but that was a while ago; the last one that really made a difference was Nixon, and he screwed up his own legacy. Reagan tried, but for each strength he showed, he hurt too many of the poor and downtrodden to be a true American hero. George H.W. Bush seemed to actually want to be a good President, but like Jimmy Carter, intentions were not enough, and those two were just lacking something that makes the difference between being just a good person and making it as a good President. I just find it funny that in the last six years Geroge W. and company could wreck so much of this great nation, get your kids killed while mostly not actually fighting the good fight, and spent much of the last five years using the excuse of 9/11 to turn America into some strangeChristian-KGB-Jihadist nation of preemptive warring, torturing, imprisoning without recourse, illegal bugging, illegal spying, paranoid intolerants that barely fight the real terrorists, did not catch Bin Laden, and still don't feel the need to secure our ports---Oh Yeah, in fact they wanted to sell the management of our ports (some of them) to citizens of the same part of the world they say are full of the terrorists. HELLO. Foley is a hypocritical low life supposedly fighting to protect our children while fighting to get in line to prey upon them as well. He was coddled by the GOP powers that be who knew what he was "up to" so to speak, for some time. Nevertheless, that is when you decided to wake up and smell the coffee? Maybe you just can't get your head around all that other stuff. Maybe you needed Foley to give you a local focal point. Maybe when you think about the billions a month we spend on the Iraq war, and our dead soldiers, all to make the world safe from--Saddam Hussein---wait, you say, we were safe from him when we had sanctioned his nation's ass back to the dark ages with a decade of embargo. That's what we all thought until George W. fresh from his semi-successful fight in Afghanistan (semi because he kicked the Taliban's butt, and that's something, but didn't finish off Al-Qaeda or Osama) thought he could really beat Saddam and his starved for 10 years band of hooligans--so he manufactured a crisis. And as is often the case when fools rush in where wiser men fear to tread---it didn't go the way he thought it would. In fairness to our President, it wasn't only him who believed all that nonsense. You can add Cheney and Karl Rove to that list. If I were Canada, Sri Lanka or Togo, I would be quaking in my boots right now, because I have heard through the grapevine that those three wise men, W. Bush-Cheney-and Rove--think they need a clear and decisive victory and they have created a database of nations they think they have the battle tested wits to defeat, and also those nations that they think our country either hates enough or doesn't know enough about, to wage a war against them. France made one of those lists, but we are pretty damn sure they do have weapons of mass destruction so our 3 sages pushed it off the list. Canada, actually is thought of kindly by many Americans, but it seems they polled an unusual number of surly hockey fans while preparing their study. And except for Sri Lankans and Togo, uh, Togo-onians?, well, people from Togo, they found that no one else really knew where these places were, or cared. The fortunate thing for these nations is that the 3 sages have only tested their wits in battles over the TV remote, because as we know, none of them felt the need to answer their own country's call for assistance back in their younger days. The bad thing would be, of course, that our soldiers, the finest the world has ever known, would actually be doing the fighting. So what is it gonna be America? Is Foley going to be the catalyst that gets you off your butts and using your America granted (they still haven't taken that away) right to vote, and start making a real difference starting this November? Or will countless Canadians and Togo-onians have to pay for your apathy???


Bruce said...

The Foley downfall is embarrassing for Republicans and a bit of [dumb] luck for the Dems, but this is, at its core not a partisan issue.

The exploitation of congressional pages has occured in the past, by members of both parties and no one has taken it seriously.

I pray that will change.

Larry said...

I agree that it is not a partisan issue, which is why i wrote what i did. The country is making it a partisan issue and taking a party to take that should have been taken to task innumerable times for terrible grievances.