Saturday, December 30, 2006

Well, they hung him....

Yes, they hung Saddam Hussein. Even though impartial organizations pointed to the many failings of the trials. Should America be proud? The majority of the world condemned it, both for their being against capital punishment, and because of the poor job the court did. Our great and God fearing Christian President, W. Bush, supported it, even though the Pope did not. Who else in the entire world was glad to see it happen? Well, one very notable amongst the few...Iran. When you find you are on the same side as Iran...maybe you should reconsider. But of course, the new Iraqi government, borne from the democracy we brought to them, is welcomes and embraces Iran, while their people are showing their love for our liberating them by continuing to murder our soldiers in their streets. Is there an American soldier in Iraq, or a Jew in Israel, that can possibly sleep as soundly as George W. Bush has pointed out that he does? It would seem hard to imagine.


Bruce said...

You seem to forget that Saddam paid 10,000 dollars to each and every family whose relative committed a suicide bombing.

He was an early advocate of suicide terrorism, and funded it generously.

His last words were encouragement for the same: "Palestine is Arab."

I'd venture a guess that most Israelis feel this is justice.

Many Shia Muslims feel similarly. It's no coincidence he was called "the butcher of Baghdad."

Larry said...

All true. Nevertheless, that wasn't the point. Hanging Saddam did not make the middle east, or even Iraq, a safer place. And my point was, our botched job in Iraq, coupled with our failure to finish the job in Afghanistan, has empowered Iran, and made the world a more dangerous place for America, Israel, and all the free nations of the world. Hanging Saddam after a poorly run trial merely illustrates to the world that the Iraq government is a puppet of the US, even though that has its limits, as the government admitted to inviting Iranian advisors in after our soldiers caught them. Was Saddam a bad man? Are there many happy to see him go? What I pointed out is how happy Iran was, and if the US and Israel want to join in the celebration, that's fine. For my part, I don't participate when some of my fellow partygoers have called for other friends to be wiped off the face of the earth.

Larry said...

And of course, also, thought at this point I wouldn't think it needed to be said again, but obviously does.... I am quite sure there are many dead, imprisoned, and tortured Iraqis and Muslims around the world that would call Bush, that other "butcher of Baghdad", and would be happy to see him disposed of as well. But I know, their suffering isn't valid, because they were tortured, unlawfully imprisoned and murdered by the leader of a free and democratic nation. But if I were Bush and Cheney, even though they may believe there's a separate Christian heaven, I would not be looking forward to who I might meet up with in the hereafter.