Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I see LHWRITES is back.

I am glad to see that. I have been bored because not a lot of bloggers are so in need of assistance that they will give me such a prominent role. They shun me from the spotlight, but as we have seen---they utilize my special skills behind the scenes. Here is quite the opposite. I get the spotlight---I appear right in the blog---but my special skills are not used to enhance the prominence of the blog or increase its hits. Thus you have had, for some years now, a fine blog that no one knows about! Keep up the good work LHWRITES! With a little more effort perhaps you will be the only one reading this.... Ha Ha

1 comment:

Bruce said...

Dear Satan,
You've no doubt been busy. But not you can return your attention to healthcare. I strongly suspect you've been sneaking around the country, getting your paws [?] into things...
Bruce :}