Sunday, April 06, 2014

Next Stop on the National College Radio Tour---A Sale---And a Special Review!

As I prepare for tomorrow's (Monday, April 7th) radio interview with Samantha at the College of Staten Island radio station, 88.9 FM at 1PM, also live streaming at WWW.WSIA.FM, Amazon has put the book, Not From Around Here, on sale! I also wanted to share a very special review Not From Around Here recently got on Goodreads: Apr 04, 2014 Becca rated it 5 of 5 stars "Hello M.Night Shyamalan, great stories are waiting for you in Larry Hochwald's book, Not From Around Here. I truly expect to see at least one of Larry's stories on the big screen. Each of his short stories grabs the reader in a very personal way. Some of the stories, I felt I was there with the characters. All, I didn't want to end. I enjoyed this book of short stories and highly recommend it to all my friends." Thank you Becca! And I hope some of you will get to listen in on what is sure to be a fun and interesting interview, tomorrow! Besides my writing, I have a lot of connection with Staten Island. My entire mental health career, over 15 years, has all been centered around Staten Island services. I've been the Co-Chair of the Staten Island Mental Health Council for the last 6 years. We'll be focusing on the book, but I'm sure we'll touch on many interesting topics! ---L

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