Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back again…and looking to the Future!

It has been a difficult year and a busy year in a lot of ways and I have been involved in a lot of projects that kept me from my blog. I got a particularly stinging comment recently, that most of you would not see even if you are still reading parts of the blog or were just checking in, because it was written as a comment to an old post. The person basically said that I had abdicated my role in social discourse so that my readers had better look elsewhere. It was actually a compliment because obviously this person found my writing important but had become dismayed that the break in writing had been so long this time. I am sorry about that and I hope that I'll be able to regain my readership and bring in many new interested parties. I hope to also find the time now to get back to commenting on other blogs which is always a help to stimulate my own ideas as well as general discourse.

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Bruce said...

Hey, it's only been 14 months...I knew you'd be back. Welcome back [to the future].