Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Politicization of the Supreme Court is a Mistake and History Will Not Be Kind.

Up until relatively recently The Supreme Court has been handled in a reasonable way. The court worked and remained in balance. That changed when Republicans decided to break our constitution and throw it in the trash. I am of course speaking too their nonsense rationale for not holding hearings and seeding Obama's appointee, Maryland, in the last year of his presidency. There is nothing in the constitution to back up they are refusing to hold hearings. The constitution explicitly states that the president appoints and the Senate hold hearings and seat. Mitch McConnell and his Republican gang, hewing closely To the methods of Vladimir Putin the thug who helped elect Donald Trump, The GOP abandoned patriotism and the constitution Of course that wasn't McConnell’s only shredding of the constitution. As Donald Trump pointed out during the first debate with Joe Biden, There were a lot of open judge seats in the federal courts that he got to fill. Trump actually blamed Obama for leaving the seats empty. But of course, everyone knows that McConnell's Senate refused almost every appointee Obama put up for the court. Less particularly unpatriotic Republican controlled Senate has been shocking its responsibilities and spitting on the constitution for the last 10 years. This is particularly calling when the administration they serve is once again voted in by the minority of photos an the population of the states these senators represent represents a minority of Americans. Now, in a bid to control the highest court for decades to come they seat an appointee, on a completely partisan basis with the lowest Senate vote count in the last 100 years, from an unpopular president with only a week to go before the election. It should come as no surprise that the most unqualified judges sitting on the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas and now Barrett were appointed by Republicans. Republicans are not interested and good jurisprudence. They are interested in appointing young ideologues who will tow the party line. experience on the bench tends to moderate extremist views and so we have a couple of judges who spent almost no time on the bench. And so it will come to pass, thanks to Trump's Virus (In all fairness to the Coronavirus, It's only Trump's virus in the United States where he allowed it to run rampant), and Trump's Great Recession, that just like after George W Bush’s Great Recession before it , the country will inevitably vote in Democrats to fix the mess that was made by a Republican administration voted in by the minority of voters.

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