Friday, February 23, 2007

Wimbledon enters the 20th Century

Wimbledon just announced it was going to pay Women Tennis Champions the same monetary awards that it pays to the Mens Champions. This is news to me, because it never occurred to me they weren't paying men and women the same. Welcome, Wimbledon, to the 20th Century, although the last time I checked, it was now the 21st Century, but hey, better late than never, right?! Now, this is not the only example of time distortion in American culture today. The George W. Bush Administration has somehow managed to turn our civil liberties and the great freedoms America is founded on, into some weird variant of Cold War Russian KGB era kinds of wiretapping, surveillance, and encouraging you to report suspicious activities of your friends, neighbors and parents, while imprisoning without due process. But in all fairness to the W. Bush Administration, while no safer here in America then you were last year, the year before, or the year before that, you are most certainly safer than anyone in Iraq. And finally, as American politics enters the 21st century, with a woman and an African American running for the highest office, you will notice that they are both members of the Democratic Party, because that is the party that actually not only tolerates the presence of minority views, but also minority representation. That is partially the weakness of the party. They support all views, and dissent, while Republicans are quite good at keeping their disagreements to themselves. It is time the American electorate grows up, and not allow the Press to make you think a candidate is less worthy if they attack another candidate or defend themselves. Judge them by the issues, and right now the Democrats issues are to get out of Iraq, actually fight terrorism instead of just lying about it, reforming healthcare and making the tax code more equitable. Hopefully getting back to the financial success and balanced budgets of the last Democratic administration of the 1990's will soon follow.

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