Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ban My Book---PLEASE!

In yet another selfish bid for attention for my new book, Not From Around Here, I must ask all of you to help me call upon, and infuriate, all the repressive cultures of the world to help me publicize my book---by banning it. That's right, we're talking to you; Iran, North Korea, Utah! Not From Around Here is filled with all the things that you guys hate. It's got thought provoking ideas, strong, independent, free thinking characters, it has adult themes, vivid imagery, and spans multiple genres. It's everything good that you wish to hide form your populace as you seek to shroud them in darkness and keep them repressed. You know you want to hate Not From Around Here. The only reason you don't hate it already, is because you've never heard of it. Don't let a little thing like anonymity stop you from doing what you do best---repress the hell out of Not From Around Here! I dare you, I double dare you! You know what would be nice? A book burning! Come on, you know you want to, you know you need to! Now, ebooks don't burn very well, so you'll need to buy a bunch of paperbacks---but that's okay because right now they're on sale! And when you burn them, don't just call the local media---get international coverage, you deserve it! Except for you, Utah, national is good for you. Please, friends, family, readers, help get the word out---Not From Around Here, is a threat to authoritarian governments everywhere, and full of much too much fun, free thinking and frolicking for any repressive regimes. Ban the book! Burn the book! But above all, make sure the media is there when you do! Thank you, and please remember, Reading Is Fundamental. And Books are our Friends! Larry


Bruce said...

Creative. Like your stories.

LHwrites said...

Thank you!