Thursday, November 13, 2008

Don't Let the Bailout Leave These Behind!

Whether Bush does it (unlikely) or Obama has to do it (likely?), it is imperative that one group not be left out of the financial assistance. Failing to assist them will lead to rising unemployment, a rising number of uninsured, escalation of the recession and further financial pain and instability for most Americans. It would cost less than $170 billion to provide complete aid to them for two years! I am speaking, of course, about the States. Many states are looking at budget deficits, cuts to necessary services, often health care and education, and will be forced to cut drastically, lay off, or at least cause layoffs in the industries effected by the cuts. Compared to the bailout of finance and business, whose real cost, especially if you factor in the coming assistance to the automobile manufacturers, is already fast approaching $1 Trillion dollars, this would be economical and wide ranging. The effects of ignoring the states would be a dire progression of the recession. The effects of helping the states would be an instant upsurge of consumer confidence and easing of recessionary pressures. Write to your government officials. Even Satan gives this plan '2 horns up', because, as you know from reading this blog, unlike President W. Bush, Satan hates to see more uninsured kids roaming the streets of out great nation. Just another difference he likes to point out because during this election season he has continuously heard a comparison that causes him a great amount of personal distress: "George W. Bush is the devil!" So please, let your politicians know you support bailing out the states. And if you hear anyone calling W. Bush the devil, please, let them know that Satan finds that very offensive.
Thank you.


Bruce said...

Unpopular? Yes. Evil? No. There are many better candidates in the world for demon status.

Must confess that i don't know much about economics. But it's getting kind of odd, with everyone lining up to collect bailout funds. Where does it end?

LHwrites said...

There are several candidates, and I could give a very lengthy list as to why Bush is one of the main contenders, but I have done that here many times already. The line for bailout funds needs to be limited, but I am making the case why the short list should include the states. I think dollar for dollar, that would be a very good use for the money, and would really help with the consumer confidence issues, increase spending and keep employment strong at the local level.