Monday, November 03, 2008

Tomorrow: Triumph and Regrets.

If Obama loses, though polling would tell us the Bradley effect is as bad as ever it was, I think he can regret his ultimate mistake of not asking Hillary to be his running mate. She attracted just about as many people as he did, they were different people, which together made a formidable base, and she beat him in most of the states he needs to win the election. If John McCain loses, then he can regret taking Palin as his running mate. Picking a right wing W. Bush apostle may have helped with his base. Picking an unqualified, lying (can you say bridge to nowhere), unintelligent (is pollution really caused by people?, she does not think so!)person was an obvious pander; believing that choosing a woman was more important to the women of America than picking someone qualified. Tomorrow night we shall see who regrets what.


Bruce said...

He would have had a much larger mandate if he'd picked Hillary...he let ego trump all.

LHwrites said...

Possibly. He ended up with a pretty sizable mandate anyway, with a decisive electoral victory and a majority, 52%, of the voters with 6 million more of the popular vote. Anyone not happy with the choice of Obama can blame George W. for pushing the country so far the other way. I think the Democrats could have run anyone, or even, say, a bag of apples, and decisively won this election.