Friday, August 31, 2007

Gary Hart Redux: Or Another Difference between Democrats and Republicans.

I really hate to go against Oprah, because I respect her, look up to her, and sincerely hope to be on her show someday with a book I wrote that she puts on her recommended list! Nevertheless, I cannot figure out why she believes all you need to be President is to be a good person and have some good ideas. If that were enough then Jimmy Carter would have gone down as one of the best Presidents of the 20th century instead of one of our less effectual ones.
I am of course speaking of her endorsing Obama for President. Fortunately, as bad as Democrats are at running elections, as a party they rarely vote in those with good things to say, but no substance, or at least current proof of substance, for what is surely the single most important job in the free world. They didn't vote in Gary Hart, or Howard Dean, even though it was exciting to think you could just embrace change and move the country forward. It takes much more then good intentions and good ideas in this world. It takes foresight, compromise, political abilities, guts, determination, and yes, experience in these areas. Republicans on the other hand love inexperience because it leaves less of a history to dissect and attack. that is why George W. was their candidate. He was a mediocre 1 and a 1/2 term governor of a middle-ground state. Very little to point to, and little to criticize, and really not much to talk about at all...just to speculate...and then, of course, be attacked for speculating. It works for parties afraid of their candidates, but not for those looking for the best. And in that regard I believe Hillary Clinton, should, and will be the Democrat candidate for President, as well as the first female President of the United States of America.


Bruce said...

Hillary, as you state, will probably be the next Dem candidate. But will she be too easy to beat? Will Americans take her baggage? Will Americans elect someone whose voice sounds like sandpaper?

Being the MidEast news junkie that i am, i'm still stuck trying to forgive her for embracing Mrs. Arafat after she made a speech accusing Israel of poisoning Palestinian Arabs.

Since the Republicans seem to be leaning to the center, the Dems best make sure they don't lean to the left, or they'll blow it again. The center usually takes the cake.

Larry said...

The only center the Republicans lean is to the center of all the messes. Has she made some errors. Sure. Which candidate hasn't? Barack, who claims he hasn't made any mistakes because he has no experience yet---but says that is a good thing. He's made mistakes already talking about how he would handle rogue nations. Giuliani? The adulterer with the foresight to place his command center in the World trade Center, and then was seen leading the city in the trenches after 9/11 because he really didn't have any other place to lead from? She's not perfect but she brings experience, compassion, grit, the desire to reform health care---and just as importantly she brings Bill back into the Whitehouse with her!