Thursday, October 16, 2008

How I believe the election will unfold.

Here is my take on the electoral college map. I believe Obama will win the popular vote by about 3-5%. Here is my electoral college map, as provided by Yahoo. I will update that and my popular vote totals as information comes in right up to the election. I hear talk of an Obama rout, but I do not see justification in the statistics to call for that yet. Check back as conditions change. I will put it in my link section, and leave it up until the election. If I am turn out to be pretty accurate on election day, then I will leave it up until Yahoo stops the link!!
By the way, I have only given Ohio and Florida to McCain because I do not think the voting will be fair in either state. If there does turn out to be irregularities, I will renew my call to remove Florida from the electoral college, and start looking at Ohio next. See how quick they get their acts together if that were to happen!!


Bruce said...

It ain't over till it's over. Telephone polls to home numbers drive these numbers. In the age of cellular devices, who answers their home phones any longer?

LHwrites said...

We shall see.