Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain scrambles to remake candidacy with 'comeback' speech. Decides to start discussing issues instead of anti-Obama rhetoric. Palin speechless.

Really. Sarah Palin has nothing to say, because she doesn't know anything about the issues. She threw a tantrum when she heard about this new campaign style, because she was told this was always going to be all about hate, and she knew she could handle that. It is rumored that she was overheard telling her taxidermist: "...crazy old man! How does he expect me to learn about the issues now, it takes all my time trying to spin my ethics violation, which by the way was neither improper nor a violation, nor unethical even, no matter what that bipartisan commission found. C'mon, who you gonna believe, a bunch of politicians and lawyers or a wolf shooting, moose eating, soccer/hockey mom that does a wicked Tina Fey doing herself, impression?"
Oh yeah, and McCain says he is going to talk issues---as soon as he gets some. No, no he has some, he just likes to change them often. It's like a hermit crab trying on different shells, he just wants to see which one is best, and by best, he means which one does not get ripped apart by the pundits and the public, so he can move on to the next issue. Remember, John thought the economy was good before he thought it was bad. He thought the bailout was bad before he thought it was good. And he thought Sarah Palin was a good choice and now he tries not to think of her at all.


Bruce said...

Both candidates can be accused of changing their shells. In some ways, Obama more than McCain.

You could be right about McCain regretting the Palin pick.

LHwrites said...

Sure, to some degree. But I cannot see that Obama more than McCain. McCain has changed his position an awful lot just in the last couple of weeks. Obama has been pretty consistent---and vague. But he got away with it. Now that he has to produce specifics, he has been matching McCain point for point and evading pretty much the same topics McCain does. Obama seems to have a way with the public that can build consensus, like Reagan, and is smart and willing to take on smart advisers, like Clinton. McCain has become erratic and petulant. He seems more cranky than Presidential and does not have a history as a consensus builder. He reached across the aisle because he alienates plenty of his own, but plenty of everyone else too. After this election he can start an 'outside the beltway' political club, and he and Lieberman will be the only members. Some people may think that is an attractive proposition, some because they like those 2 together, and for most of us, because we will be happy to see them Maverick--off into the sunset---with Hopalong Palin trailing right behind.