Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I had to laugh....

I found this online: If Obama Were White, He'd Be Hit Twice as Hard.
If you are interested, it is short and can be found here: (So can my comment, but I have copied and expanded it here.)

While it is true that generally, I would say it was Sarah Palin and not John McCain that has been stoking hatred, it is John McCain that is paying for it. The reality is that the Dems have been going equally soft on McCain because he is a war hero, something the Republicans didn't do for Kerry. Where conservatives took a war hero and tried to lie about his accomplishments, no one has pointed out that what McCain gave for his country was a great sacrifice, but getting shot down and imprisoned for years is not a qualifying event for President. And NO ONE is taking any shots against Palin, presumably because she is a woman---except to point out the numerous things she says that do not make sense. The democrats have treated John McCain better than George W. Bush did in the 2000 primaries. Conservatives just cannot accept that they were in charge of the WhiteHouse for 8 years, the congress and senate for 6, and have made such a disaster of things that the country is leaning left. Rather than take responsibility, which conservatives never do, they will now blame their losses on fears of being labeled racists if they said "the truth". My friends, you have pointed out about Ayers, and the democrats pointed out about Wright long ago. But those aren't the issues. They are the economy, Iraq, the environment and the future of America, and on those fronts are why Obama is leading.
It is not pretty watching conservatives panic. Amusing, but not pretty. Would that they had spent years worrying about our soldiers dying in Iraq, our 45 million uninsured Americans, business getting rich while ordinary Americans were falling behind and the looming energy crisis, they would not have to panic now as America might even agree that Obama was too inexperienced. But now, thanks to the mess the W. Bush Administration and Republican Congress created, people are craving that change, even if there is an element of unknown. Better the unknown that seems in the right direction, than the known which clearly isn't.


Bruce said...

The silver lining of this campaign is that, in large part, the country is color blind.

Unfortunately, the first serious black candidate for President has virtually no experience. I pray they are not blind to that.

LHwrites said...

Experience does not matter when the choices a candidate makes are wrong. That is why Obama is ahead. No one is blind to what he is lacking, just as they are not blind to what John McCain lacks: good judgment, the temperament to be President, judgment in choosing a good running mate, judgment on who his tax policy should favor, judgment on a health care policy that would help more people than it will hinder, an openness to new approaches in world affairs and a more consistent view on the economy. You are saying Obama hasn't proven himself. Possibly. John McCain has, and he has proven he is not right for America now.